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Day 8! Journal Entry

Today was a great and accomplished day.

Having our community service in mind, I was well rested with the 4 hours of sleep I had and the power nap I took in the Cobo Center on the floor.

While we waited for our bus to Launch, we had a dance battle with another church group that was dancing to their own toons. After, we danced the Cupid Shuffle, and the Wobble. We pulled some volunteers who should've been working, and they danced with us anyways.

Staying hydrated and full, we went to a neighborhood where we were asked to clean up the alleyway behind the nice houses. We cut down branches of leaves and shoveled up dirt and grass. Even Bishop Guy Erwin stopped buy to have a chat and take a picture. We cleaned up a great portion of that alleyway and hope that the residents will keep it up.

Right in the middle of us cleaning, a nice woman named Ms. Jones invited me as well as a few other youth and adults to her house and down the neighborhood. She talked to us about her life, and the life of the houses that live on that street. She gave us some traditional collard greens, cornbread, yams and corn beef. All of the elderly on that street who have been there came to talk to us and take a picture with us.

We got dropped at the COBO Center again, and had the long walk to the Ford Field. Evertime we sit in here, it seems like the numbers are growing bigger and bigger.

Tonight is the last night, and I am sad to leave but excited to go home. Hi Mom!

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