Amenities include: Access to bathrooms before game, family-friendly tailgating

Distance to Coliseum: 0.7 mi (7.5 blocks)

Parking at St. Mark's this season will help fund:

  • Summer Camps & Mission Trips for youth;

  • Leadership Training for teens;

  • A Community Garden;

  • Bicycles for youth and adults;

  • and much more!

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Football Parking Passes

Passes for 11/27/21
will be sold at the gate,
$30 each, cash only.
Thank you for your support!

The fine print!

  • Prepaid parking passes are available online until the Thursday before a Saturday game. This is so we can get organized and know what to expect before the weekend.

  • On Saturdays, the parking lot opens 3 hours before game time.

  • Your parking pass entitles you to use of the restroom and water fountains for up to 3 hours before the game begins! Enjoy!

  • Tailgating is only allowed until the game starts. Once the game starts, you must end your tailgating.

  • Your parking pass entitles you to use your parking space for family-friendly tailgating! Enjoy! (We reserve the right to ask you to simmer down if your tailgating gets out of control, and we reserve the right to ask you to leave if you ignore our request.)

  • Your parking pass entitles you to one 8ft x 16ft parking space in our lot. Most cars and trucks will fit fine in one of these spaces with room for an 8ft x 8ft pop up tent at the end of the space. However: If you have a large truck or trailer or additional tents that take up more than one parking space, you will need to pay for additional parking spaces at the regular cost of $25.75 per space.

  • Your parking pass entitles you to one space in the lot. However: We are not reserving specific parking spaces, i.e. Space #30. Spaces will be given out first come, first served, and we will fill the lot from back to front. You must park where the parking attendant directs you to park. This helps us fit all the cars in the lot and not have people trying to manuever around tailgating.