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St. Mark's Directory!

We're finalizing our new St. Mark's directory! If you'd like to be included in the directory, fill out the following form. We may have some of the information already, but this will help us confirm we have the correct info. 

Also, you can choose which information you want published. The directory won't be published to the general public, but will be accessible to other members of St. Mark's. If you add the information but select "No," we'll just keep it for our internal church files and communications, but won't publish it in the directory. 

You may also choose to use a photo the church already has of you, or upload your own photo.

After filling out the form, we'll send you an email with access to the new directory. The new directory will be in the form of an app you can use on your phone! You can also choose to receive a printed copy later in the spring.

Thanks for helping us strengthen our community connections by creating a directory! 

Here is the link to the Google Form:

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